21 October 2008

Hello and welcome

I don't know if this is really for anyone else but me, but I need some sort of outlet. I live in Texas which, as we all know, is heavily Republican. I, on the other hand, tend to be more towards the Democrat side of the coin. This causes problems. I've been publicly harrassed by strangers, not to mention family and friends who are aghast that I would consider voting democrat. I am on my second Obama yard sign because the first was defaced.

I am deeply disturbed by the hatred that I see all around me. It is directed at Sen. Obama and I am not only concerned for his safety, but I am concerned for the future of this country. I'm not sure if we can put ourselves back together again when this election is over.

This blog will contain my observations, various videos and comments that I find to be either interesting or appalling. And guess what? I will also say things that you may not agree with. The nice thing is that it's my blog and I can. Feel free to comment, but know that any rudeness, name-calling, argumentative behaviour, or just general snottiness will not be tolerated.

Thanks for stopping by!

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