23 October 2008


It was great! There was a small line, but we were in fairly quickly. I went with my friend, Kenlin and her mother. Mom was initially turned away, but we were able to fix that. She changed her voter registration address a few weeks ago, and only had a printout of her card. The "valid from" date is Nov. 2, 2008, and the people at the election office told her that it was too early! We asked a few workers there, and come to find out, she was allowed to vote. The vote is officially for Nov. 4, so it was OK.

I noticed a handwritten sign on the wall while we were waiting. Monday, that office had 13,800 people vote, and Tuesday there were over 15,000!! Those are HUGE numbers for early voting. I'm not sure what the average numbers are for Collin County, but I doubt that's normal. I just wonder what will happen between now and Nov. 4th. Will those numbers continue? What will the polling locations look like on election day? Will everyone have time to get in?

We have decided that we want to make the rounds to various polling places on election day and see how many Obama supporters we can find, and sit with them and bask in being among our peeps. We are SO few and far between around here. It's frustrating sometimes. There are so many people that are in a position to benefit greatly from Obama's policies, but blindly insist that they are voting McCain. I hear how Palin has more experience (I think we've about completely disproved THAT one) or how he's a Muslim (um, yeah.) or now the big one is that he's a SOCIALIST!!! mmwwaaahhaaahhaaa!!!! Whatever.

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