29 October 2008

Sarah Palin: The Gift That Keeps on Giving


Last Friday Sarah was discussing how all those gosh-darn earmarks are so ridiculous - especially the one regarding fruit fly research. Unfortunately, she stepped in it.

The latest this week on "our Sarah" is that someone in Alaska (Frank Gwartney, a retired lineman in Anchorage) has filed an ethics complaint against her alleging Misuse of Official Position, related to state reimbursed travel for her family:
"Gov. Palin attempted to and in fact did use her official position for personal gain by securing unwarranted benefits for her daughters..."

CBS reports this:

Bristol, Piper and Willow, Palin’s daughters, accrued $32,629 in travel expenses while Palin’s husband Todd raked up $22,174 - all billed to the state for a total of $54,803.00.

"The Governor’s office has expended $54,803.00 in Alaska state dollars for family travel since December 2006," according to the Governor’s Administrative Services Director, Linda Perez.
Go Sarah! Heck, she's just gettin' all mavericky on us, ya know. CBS went on to discuss the $150,000 spent on Ms. Sarah's wardrobe in the last couple of months.
...FEC officials said purchases for such purposes are prohibited. Campaigns are not allowed to spend donated funds on expenses a person would have had regardless if they were running as a candidate or in office. That includes items like clothing, mortgage payments, country club fees, rent, groceries, etc.
Oops. I suppose that's what happens when you get so caught up takin' on your own party and all. You sometimes forget that SOME of the rules still need to be followed. I just wonder how many other rules they forgot about.


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