03 November 2008

Dixville Notch, N.H. has VOTED!!

And the winner is.... BARACK OBAMA!!! I would call it a landslide, in fact. The vote tally is Obama 15, McCain 6, Nader 0.

WOO HOO!!! We're off to a fabulous start!

According to fivethirtyeight.com, McCain has a 1.9% chance of winning this election. As one of the bloggers on Daily Kos so brilliantly put it,
if you had standard deck of 52 cards with one Joker, and it was randomly shuffled, and you asked McCain to pick one blindfolded, he'd have to pick the Joker to win.

Anything other than the Joker, and Obama wins.

(And, yes, Governor Palin would be that there joker.)

Speaking of jokers, Joe the plumber is on Larry King right now, and I just heard him refer to how "T. Boone Williams" has enough money that he can buy airtime to get his point across, but regular people don't. Who? T.Boone Williams - Is that T. Boone Pickens' cousin? Go back to sleep, Joe.

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