03 November 2008

R.I.P. Madelyn Dunham

Yes, Barack's grandma died late Sunday night. As sad as this is, there is a bright spot or two. First, Barack was able to visit with her before she passed. He had said that one of his greatest regrets was not being with his mother when she died. Second, she had already voted absentee, and it will count!

A Seattle newspaper reports that according to Kevin Cronin, chief election officer for the State of Hawaii:
Ms. Dunham’s absentee mail ballot was received and reviewed under the Hawaii standards for processing absentee mail ballots… She was alive at that time. Her ballot will be opened tomorrow, and it will be counted in the same way that all absentee voters would be treated under our law.

The key point appears to be that Ms. Dunham was alive at the time her absentee ballot was received and reviewed, and that it met the standards for review at that time.


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